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Author Success University is our teleseminar hosted by Advantage Media Group Founder and CEO, Adam Witty. Author Success University provides how-to information for current authors and those looking to explore the true value of authorship for themselves and their businesses. We feature highly successful authors sharing how they have built their businesses with a book. Whether your interest is in writing and publishing a book to build credibility and authority, to generate new leads and referrals for your business, to gain media attention and press or to further solidify your company as the go-to resource in your industry, the guests featured on Author Success University will share their tips, tools and tactics to use a book to grow your business.

  Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Healthcare Regional Marketing

Scott Weintraub is Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Healthcare Regional Marketing and author of RESULTS: The Future Of Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Marketing. On this teleseminar, Scott shares techniques and conversation segues to give your book away that make personal selling easier. He learned quickly that a book can earn you speaking opportunities. Scott explains that in order to get the most out of your book, it is important to think of the marketing objective for your book before writing the actual content.

  FranChoice Consultant

Pete Gilfillan is a FranChoice Consultant, who specializes in helping people find the right franchise ownership from them. He is author of Hire Yourself: Control Your Own Destiny Through Franchise OwnershipPete used his book to improve his credibility, which then allowed him to help more people, get more referrals, and attract his ideal clients. On this teleseminar, Pete explains how he leveraged his content to build his digital footprint and newsworthy publicity. He also reviews with Adam some common myths that are associated with publishing a book (and why they are incorrect).

  Founder & CEO, Gratitude Marketing

Michael F. Sciortino Sr. is founder and CEO of Gratitude MarketingTM and author of Gratitude Marketing: How You Can Create Clients For Life By Using 33 Simple Secrets From Successful Financial Advisors. Mike possesses a rare perspective and combination of practical marketing applications in retail, wholesale, traditional, and alternative investments. He has discovered that his best selling book continues to retain and nurture relationships with customers and long-term working relationships. On this teleseminar, Michael explains how using your book can gain your more exposure in a broader market.

  Managing Partner and Owner, Cornerstone Financial Strategies

Brad A. Berger, CFP®, CLF®, managing partner and owner of Cornerstone Financial Strategies and author of Stop Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses: They’re Broke Anyway shares how he has used his book to stand out of the crowd in a cramped financial industry. He also explores how you can get your clients to brag about you to gain more referrals quick and painlessly.

Marty Higgins
  President, Family Wealth Management

Marty Higgins, President of Family Wealth Management and author of DistributionLand: A Retiree’s Survival Manual for Transitioning to a World of New Rules & Unexpected Dangers shares how he has repurposed his book’s content for blog posts and social media. He also explains how becoming an Amazon Bestseller has heightened his position of authority in the industry.

John Cotton
  Founder, Dental Team Performance

John Cotton, Founder of Dental Team Performance and author of How To Grow Your Dental Practice In The New Economy: 5 Key Strategies to Predictable, Significant and Sustainable Results shares how he has used his book to gain new speaking engagements to get in front of larger audiences. He explains how he employs strategic partners to distribute his book to help acquire new customers and increase the number of referrals.

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