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Author Success University is our teleseminar hosted by Advantage Media Group Founder and CEO, Adam Witty. Author Success University provides how-to information for current authors and those looking to explore the true value of authorship for themselves and their businesses. We feature highly successful authors sharing how they have built their businesses with a book. Whether your interest is in writing and publishing a book to build credibility and authority, to generate new leads and referrals for your business, to gain media attention and press or to further solidify your company as the go-to resource in your industry, the guests featured on Author Success University will share their tips, tools and tactics to use a book to grow your business.

  Founder, Torrey Hills Technologies

Ken Kuang, Founder of Torrey Hills Technologies and author of From Start-Up To Star: 20 Secrets To Start-Up Success shares how he achieved Amazon Best Seller status and how he had an article published in the Wall Street Journal. Ken explains how his book has helped him gain credibility, increase his fan base, acquire new customers, strengthen relationships and more.

  Founder, Gold Dolphins, LLC

Randy Nelson, Founder of Gold Dolphins, LLC and author of The Second Decision: the QUALIFIED entrepreneur shares how he achieved national & international Amazon Best Seller status, exploded his speaking career, and gained free publicity and media. Randy lends his advice about writing and getting a maximum ROI from your book.

Patti Moore, Advantage Author
   President and Founder, The Watershed Group

Patti Moore, President and Founder of The Watershed Group and author of No Mission, No Margin: Creating a Successful Hospice with Care and Competence shares how her book has increased her confidence, grown her business, and closed more deals. By using her book as a “calling card,” Patti managed to close two of the largest consulting engagements – in her career!

Rachid Zahidi
  President and Chief Operating Officer, Sentinel Background Checks

Rachid Zahidi, President and Chief Operating Officer at Sentinel Background Checks and author of The Business Immunity System: The Pitfalls & Side Effects of Data Handling, Privacy Issues, & Background Checks discusses how his book has gained him instant media attention, including an interview with ESPN radio. He shares how tying his book in with relevant news stories allowed him to be seen as an industry expert and knowledgable source. As an Amazon Best Seller, Rachid continues to see an increase in web traffic and new inquires.

  Co-Managing Member, LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC

John Bly, Co-Managing Member of LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC and author of Cracking The Code: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Growing Your Business Through Mergers And Acquisitions For Pennies On The Dollar discusses how his book has helped him establish the ultimate credibility and expertise. John can attribute a higher close rate as a direct result of giving the book to prospects. John has also earned multiple speaking opportunities and radio interviews. By growing his marketing strategy, John quantifies that his book has earned him $150,000 of new revenue and helped him close his most recent merger valued at $3.8M.


  Sales Trainer and Coaching Expert

Jack Daly, international expert in sales and author of Hyper Sales Growth: Street-Proven Systems & Processes. How to Grow Quickly & Profitably discusses how he has used his book to inspire audiences to take action. He has 20 plus years of business experience, including several stints as the CEO of fast-growing companies. Jack’s previous role as a sales trainer has helped him craft “street tested” sales trainer methodologies. He offers dramatic presentations, in-depth seminars, and lively sales.


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