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Quickly & Easily Hyper Grow Your Business & Dominate Any Market

The Little Known “Law of Unfair Advantage”

Adam Witty

In this informative and engaging book, you will learn everything you need to know about this ‘marketing secret’ that is used by the most powerful entrepreneurs and businesses in America today. You will learn three specific ways you can immediately implement this Law in your business and reap the rewards.

Book The Business

How To Make Big Money With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy

Adam Witty | Dan Kennedy

Inside these pages, you’ll discover NINE exciting, different ways to make money and advance your career, business or cause by being the author of a book. If you know you have a book inside you, you will learn how to get that message and those ideas published, and how to leverage that book for all it’s worth. If you question what you have to contribute to a book and find the idea of writing one daunting, this book will replace your doubts with practical advice and motivation. Whether you want to make it to the bestseller lists or just sell a lot more of your goods or services more easily with profound competitive advantage, this book is for you!

11 Ways Financial Advisors Attract Their Ideal Clients With A Book

How To Stand Out In a Crowded Market And Dramatically Differentiate Yourself As The Authority, Celebrity and Expert

Adam Witty

More Leads. Free Publicity. Speaking Opportunities. Ultimate Authority and Credibility. This book teaches you how to quickly and easily use a book as rocket fuel to propel the growth and expansion of your business. Inside, eleven financial advisors, who became authors, reveal how they have used their books to attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses as a result.

21 Ways To Build Your Business With A Book

Secrets to Dramatically Grow Your Income, Credibility, and Celebrity-Power by Being an Author

Adam Witty

Do you want more growth from your business? More leads? More customers? More income? 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book teaches you how to quickly and easily use a book as rocket fuel to propel the growth and expansion of your business. Inside, over thirty business professionals who became authors reveal how they have used a book to grow their business.

21 Ways To Build Your Dental Practice With A Book

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market and Dramatically Differentiate Yourself as the Authority, Celebrity, and Expert

Adam Witty

21 Ways to Build Your Dental Practice with a Book shows you myriad ways to use a book to differentiate yourself, elevate how patients see you and gain the top position as the authority right where you live. Six Advantage authors, who are dentists just like you, who once felt the same pain and frustration as you do today, share their stories of success. Ultimately, you will discover how making the decision to write and publish a book has changed their practices, forever, and how it will change yours too.

Log On and Learn

How to Quickly and Easily Create Online Courses That Expand Your Brand, Cultivate Customers, and Make You Money While You Sleep

Adam Witty

A new digital frontier is emerging, one that will transform how your business operates, revolutionizing the way content is delivered, making the ability to reach new audiences virtually limitless. This platform is online learning. So, what does online learning really mean? How will it help you build your business, tap into a limitless audience and create greater impact in your industry?

The Book Itch | Is There a Book In You?

How to Leave Your Legacy to the World

Adam Witty | Allen Fahden

Have you ever wondered: Is there a book in me? The Book Itch is the first book ever written to help you quickly answer that question. Adam Witty and Allen Fahden have teamed up to help you navigate the rough waters of book writing. Best of all, The Book Itch is short, sweet, and right to the point! Witty and Fahden agreed that they would only write a book that can easily be read in a 1-hour airplane flight or less. The Book Itch will help you make smart decisions about your book before you ever write it.

40 Irrefutable Steps to Building a Substantial Speaking Business

Steve Gilliland

This book is not about how to make money by consulting, coaching, or hosting webinars. It provides guidelines for speakers who want to get booked to speak…MORE! Inside these pages, CSP, CPAE and Hall of Fame speaker, Steve Gilliland, reveals the 40 critical steps that have led him to get booked for over 100 speaking engagements annually. This step-by-step strategy follows the curriculum of Steve’s online university, Speaker U, providing a blueprint for you to build your own substantial, sustainable and profitable speaking business.

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