Whether you want to make it to the bestseller lists or just sell a lot more of your goods or services more easily with profound competitive advantage, this book is for you!

Book The Business: How To Make BIG MONEY With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy by Dan Kennedy & Adam Witty (Advantage Media Group 2013)

for personal promotion, to create powerful ‘lead generation magnets’ for use in advertising, for securing favorable media attention and publicity, to promote a cause or philosophy; for fun or fame or fortune…is THE most proven, most powerful activity a person can take!

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Inside these pages you will learn:
* WHY a book is better than any other marketing tool.
* HOW to build authority and expert status with a book.
* Your book as The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool.
* Your book as The Ultimate Referral Generation Tool.
* Use your book to get interesting, profitable Speaking Engagements.
* Your book as the key to the vault of Free Publicity.
* A Proven Plan for Being a Published Author, Fast.

If you know you have a book or books inside you, here you will learn not only hot to get that message and those ideas into the right book and get it published, but more importantly how to leverage that book for all it’s worth. If, on the other hand, you question what you have to contribute to a book and find the idea of writing one daunting, this book will replace your doubts and questions with practical advice and motivation.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our readers have to say:

John FisherBook the Business is a must read for anyone serious about growing their business with a book.

-John Fisher, author of The Power of a System


JimTrunickAdam and Dan team up to show and share, how having the Book, is the GATEWAY to so much success.

- Jim Trunick, author of The Core of Leadership

Tom Lawhead_Advantage Media GroupThis is an eye opener to where the book industry is going and I don’t want to be left behind.

- Tom Lawhead, author of Take This Life and Love It!


Roush-Kimberly_color.25182756_stdA must read for anyone publishing a book – and don’t wait until it is published!

-Kimberly Roush, co-author of Who Are You… When You Are BIG?

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