3 Advantages of Business Growth That Directly Benefit You

Most business owners and professionals are familiar with the advantages of business growth. But the benefit of a growth mindset goes beyond your business and extends to your life on a personal level as well. Here are three direct benefits you’ll get from focusing your mind on business growth and expansion.

Of course you want to grow your business—bring in more customers, potentially expand your products or services, and eventually make more money! You know that growth is good for your business, but it's also good for you personally. Here are three direct benefits that you'll get from growing your business:

  1. You'll make more money. This one's a given. More customers, more money, as long as you're scaling up appropriately. And one of the benefits of owning or running a larger business is that you can take advantage of economies of scale. You may get discounts from vendors by buying in bulk, or get better credit terms from suppliers.
  2. You'll have more clout. As a consultant or small business owner, you may not always be taken seriously. The growth of your company makes you a force to be reckoned with. You can take advantage of your business growth to become a thought leader in your industry, commanding higher prices for your services and even taking on professional speaking engagements at industry events—all of which will keep your business growing.
  3. You'll be happier. Small business owners and professional entrepreneurs are some of the happiest people around. Despite long hours, weekend work, and skipped vacations, 77 percent of people who own micro-businesses (one to ten employees) are happy to be running a small business. And when your business is growing and the future is rosy, what's not to be happy about?

Although small business owners are happy on the whole, they do have some concerns. The Yodle Small Business Sentiment Survey found that the biggest professional worry for small business owners is finding new customers. If your business growth is not as fast as you would like it to be, Advantage Media Group can help you generate new leads, bring in high-quality prospective customers, and establish you as an industry leader. Don't underestimate the advantages of business growth you can get by working with a team of professionals.





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