The Three Biggest Misconceptions about Book Marketing Services

What book marketing services do you really need to succeed? You want to draw attention to your book (and to yourself), with the ultimate goal of growing your business. Typical book marketing services like book signings or getting it reviewed don't cut it anymore. We dispel three of the most common misconceptions we hear about book marketing

So, What Are the Three Biggest Misconceptions about Marketing?


  1. You Will Get Rich from Book Sales. While you may make some money by selling your book, the odds against becoming the next Stephen R. Covey or Tony Robbins are astronomical. Your book probably won't crack any major best seller lists, and you won't be able to retire on the sales of your book. But if you use the proper book marketing services, your book will make you money by growing your business and expanding your customer base.
  2. A Good Book Sells Itself. There are hundreds of fascinating, life-changing books gathering dust in the clearance section of bookstores around the world. Without high-quality book marketing services, your book will languish alongside them. A book in the right place at the right time can change someone's life – but you need a plan to get it there.  
  3. Book Marketing Services Take Years to Bear Fruit. People write books for any number of reasons, both personally and professionally. You may want to use your book in advertising, or to grow your business and generate leads. Published authors are more likely to be taken seriously as thought leaders in an industry, and you can use your book to create media buzz around a new product or service. Whether you've written a book to draw attention to a cause or charity or simply because you want to make big money, you don't want to wait years to see a return on your investment.

At Advantage Media Group, we're so confident in our ability to help you succeed in your mission that we back up our book marketing services with a Grow Your Business Guarantee™. If you don't benefit from your book by more than what you invested with us within the first 12 months of publication following our teachings, methodologies, and support, then you can tell us what we were worth. We'll write you a check for the difference. That's how confident we are in ourselves – and you.

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