2 Free Opportunities for Book Promotion Marketing

You’re ready to embark on a book promotion marketing strategy to get your newly written business book into the hands of potential clients everywhere. Here are two of the best ways to use your book as a marketing tool—and they don’t cost you a penny.

Give It Away

Yep, you heard us right. Give your book away. Send a copy to your second cousins, your childhood best friend, your dog walker, and even your high school frenemy. We knew one high-end business coach who identified high-quality potential clients, and mailed out a book with a sticky note that said, “I loved this book and thought you would like it too. Enjoy! J.” This certainly piqued the recipient’s curiosity, and odds are that many flipped through the book. They may have even read it and been intrigued enough by the coach’s ideas to reach out for more information. With clients that spend more than $30,000 a year, even one new client would easily offset any mailing costs.

But you can keep this opportunity truly free (and reach high-quality candidates) by bringing a stack of your books to industry events, conferences, and other places where you might find potential customers. People will pick them up, flip through them, and pass them on to others. It’s free advertising!

Get on the News

We’re not talking about Oprah here (although you may get there eventually!). Go for the low-hanging fruit: your local media. First, remember that your ultimate goal with your book isn’t just to get attention, or even to get people to purchase your book. It’s to grow your business. There are tons of cable TV stations out there that focus on specific audiences. Find one that matches your topic or business, and offer to do an interview, or ask that they review your book. Talk to your local newspaper, radio stations, and television stations. They might be interested in doing a brief human interest piece on a newly published local author.

Trade magazines are a great way to get in touch with people who are interested in the exact services your business provides. Submit an article to a trade magazine that will reach your demographic, and don’t forget to plug your book in your bio!

Your Book Has Value

Have you ever seen someone toss a book in the trash? What about junk mail, or spam? Unlike other marketing tools, books have inherent value. Even if you give your book away to someone who doesn’t read it, it will be sitting on his or her shelf. Someone else might pick it up and peruse it. The more you get your book out there, the more likely it is that a potential client will get ahold of it—and that’s the first step on the customer journey.

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