4 (Free!) Business Plan Samples to Get You Ready for Publishing

Looking for book publishing business plan samples and templates? We have them! Advantage Media Group wades through the thousands of business plan templates online to bring you the four best. The business plans we’ve chosen are specific to the publishing industry, and could save you hours of time writing and rewriting your publishing business plan.

1. Business Analysis Publishing Business Plan

This is a business plan for The Wonderkind, “An informational publishing company that provides analysis citing key trends in various industries to our subscribers.” Pay special attention to their section on competitive advantage – this is something you’ll want to consider as you use your book to grow your business.

2. Business Plan for Self-Publishing Author

This is the first of a three-part series on creating a business plan for publishing. This particular example is for an author who planned to start publishing her own creations. Note that even though some parts may seem obvious to the founder (for example, she works out of her home and there are no other employees), they are still included in the business plan.

3. Free Google Docs Business Plan Template

Save this business plan to your Google Docs or desktop and work through each of the sections. Write out your mission statement at the top, so you can keep it in mind as you work. Timing is important; you want enough flexibility to actually carry out your goals, but you also want to maintain a sense of urgency. In the Action Items to Carry Out column, just write the first step to complete your goal. After you complete it, write the second step (and so on).

4. Free Downloadable One Page Business Plan Template

This one page business plan template is a great way to kick off your brainstorming session for a longer book publishing business plan. It covers many aspects, including your budget, income projection, business goals, and potential future income streams. This template also includes a description of each category to guide you as you work. Although it’s specific to freelance writing for the Internet, the sections are all applicable to a publishing business plan.

These templates and samples should give you a good jumping off point for your business plan, whether you’ve already written a book or are just sitting down to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Entrepreneur provides lots of helpful information about business plans in general (as well as generic business plan samples). And at Advantage Media Group, we’ll help you create, publish, and market your book so you get the return on investment you’re looking for – guaranteed.


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