Business Coaching For Growth

Sure, you want your company to expand, but does that mean it’s time to look for companies that offer business coaching for growth? Not necessarily. There’s plenty you can do on your own to set yourself up for success in the long term. You know your business inside and out, so tap into that knowledge –and your team – to create a tool that can grow your business for you.

Who’s Your Coach?

What, exactly, does a business coach do? There are certainly some benefits to hiring a business coach as your company expands. He or she can help you ward off problems you might not see coming, advise you on new hires and potential deals, and provide you with reliable guidance.

But aren’t these things your team should be doing? If you’ve gathered together a fantastic group of people, they will perform the same functions as a business coach. That’s why you’ve hired them, after all. Plus, unlike a business coach, you and your team actually have a stake in your own success.

One of the touted benefits of a business coach is objectivity. You can sugarcoat this to mean that they can provide honest and helpful feedback, but it also means that it doesn’t personally matter to them what happens. You and your team will fight tooth and nail to make your business succeed.

Other benefits listed include active listening, guidance, and knowledge and insights. You shouldn’t need to hire someone whose job is to provide you with this. Mentoring and constructive criticism for growth should be built into your business model, and if they’re not, then you’ll certainly need to incorporate them as your company expands.

Who’s the Expert?

A business coach may be an expert in business growth in general, but you are an expert in your business. You know the ebb and flow of supply and demand. You know which vendors are best to work with, and with whom you want to create distance. You have your ear to the ground and your eye on the competition. The obstacles to your growth are much more readily apparent to you than they will be to anyone else. What are the sticking points in your organization? Where could you cut back? What’s happening at every level that could impede or enhance your company’s growth?

A business coach can offer you some insights into business growth in general, but it isn’t automatically the best option. See what you and your team can do when you kick your growth plans into high gear before turning to outside help.

Although you may not need business coaching for growth, you will need tools. One of the best tools you can use to grow your business is a book. Becoming an author will open doors to opportunities you can use - no business coach necessary.


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