The 3 Secrets Business Growth Consultants Don't Want You to Know

What’s the secret to business growth? Business growth consultants will tell you that it can’t be done without them – and in some cases, they can certainly pave the way for you. But there are also many things you can do to grow your business that don’t require a consultant. Consider the following strategies.

    1. Get speaking engagements. The people who are setting up conferences seek to create an event that others will want to attend. They need to find engaging speakers to whom people will pay attention. Present yourself as an expert (which, after all, you are!) and apply to speak at conferences and events in your industry. And don't limit yourself to in-person speaking engagements. National and state trade and professional associations often host teleseminars or webinars, and can easily be persuaded to give you an interview or a few minutes of time if your topic is relevant. Events like these will establish your credibility and reputation when potential clients are looking to hire someone in your field.
    2. Use direct mail. According to Book The Business, successful marketers spend more on direct mail and get a better, more accurately known return on investment from it than from any other type of marketing. A recently released report on response rates shows that direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly 600%. And despite the hype about email and virtual media, physical media like direct mail can actually "leave a deeper footprint in the brain," according to a Millward Brown neurological study. NP Economic Research, according to Book The Business, states, "Nothing outperforms direct mail for new donor acquisition. Nonprofits wish that social media, websites, e-mail, and so on, could do this job as well, but so far, extensive experimenting...has failed to come up with any way to survive and grow without relying on direct mail."
    3. Create new products-There are two counter-crazes going on at the moment: the DIY obsession, and 'done-for-you' product bundling. You can take advantage of both. Engage the do-it-yourselfers by writing sharable how-to articles that relate to your product or service. And at the end of your article, offer an all-in-one service where you do it for them. You'll gain status as a thought leader with your excellent article, and scoop up some clients along the way.

Business growth consultants will charge you hundreds for advice on each of these advertising methods, but at Advantage Media Group, we've created one simple way to take advantage of all three of these secrets. Authoring a book will make you a desired speaker, give you something worthwhile to send via direct mail, and create a compendium of how-to articles for you to draw from. Find out more now.




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