10 Business Growth Opportunities for Published Authors

When you write a book, that “aura of authorship” gives you access to business growth opportunities that are only available to an elite few. You can leverage your book to generate leads, expand product offerings, and grow your business in unique and profitable ways. Here are ten opportunities you’ll have as a published author:

  1. Content Creation: Use your book to create new materials to attract your target market. The average book can yield ideas and text for over 2,000 blogs, 200 articles, and 200 podcasts. It’s fast and easy, since you’ve already done the hard work.
  2. High-Quality Lead Generation: Your book will introduce potential clients to your personality and mode of thought. Those who seek you out are likely to be much higher quality leads than you’d get using conventional methods.
  3. Radio Advertising: Radio advertising is cheap, underused, and (despite industry misconception) gives you one of the highest returns on investment. Instead of asking people to call or come to your business, offer a free copy of your book.
  4. Social Media Expansion: Widen your sphere of influence on social media like Facebook and Twitter by hosting a giveaway of an autographed copy of your book for people who like, share, comment, follow, or retweet. Everyone loves free stuff!
  5. Speaking Engagements: Joe Schmidt, owner of Joe’s Mobile Home Park, probably isn’t going to be asked to speak at a luncheon for entrepreneurs. But if Joe Schmidt, author of a book on making money by investing in land and mobile home real estate, volunteers to speak at a luncheon, you can bet the organizers will say yes!
  6. Interview Opportunities: There are dozens of niche magazine editors, podcasters, and webinar hosts who are looking for experts to interview. You’re much more likely to get your foot in the door if you’re the author of a book on the subject.
  7. Free Media Coverage: Start small, with your local news. They’ve got a lot of time to fill, and it’s worth writing for a newly published author in the community. Talk to your local newspapers and television stations, and create a promotional package for your book.
  8. Increased Referrals: Nothing is more awkward than trying to get a customer to give you a referral. But when you hand them five or ten copies of your book to give to their friends, they’re suddenly providing value rather than being a nuisance.
  9. Licensing Programs: Make the most of your book by allowing other professionals in your industry who live in different service area to license it. Create a custom edition for each licensee, and get referrals via these partners.
  10. Syndicated Columns: Reach more people and become a rock star in your industry by leveraging your book into a syndicated column for print and web. Give advice and create shareable content.

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