The 1 Thing Every Business Plan For Growth Strategy Needs

If your business isn't growing, it's stalled, and that's the first step on the road to failure. Maybe you've been in business for a long time, or perhaps you're still in the planning stages. Wherever you are in the process, you'll need a business plan that includes the many ways your business can potentially grow.

Write a Book

That's right. In this day and age, where half of Americans own a tablet or e-reader and 28% read an e-book in 2013, we're telling you to create, publish, and market a physical book. You’re probably thinking, "I don't have time to write a book! And if I did, who would read it?" We'll address the second question first.

Potential clients might read your book; other industry leaders may also pick it up. But the point isn't to sell your book; it's very unlikely that you're going to become a bestselling author. The sad truth is, most authors make very little money. But your goal isn't to sell books or get on all the best-seller lists. Your goal is to grow your business.

A book gives you the aura of authorship — you become, literally, the person who "wrote the book" on a subject. You can leverage your status into speaking engagements and blog posts, use your book to entice high-quality prospects, and generate free publicity for yourself and your business.

But Wait!

Before you protest and say that you could get all of these benefits from creating an e-book, note that even though people are buying and using more e-readers, books aren't going away. The Wall Street Journal reports that 9 percent of consumers actually increased their purchases of hardcover books in the past year. You should publish your book in an e-reader version, but if you don't create physical copies of your book, you'll lose out on all those great benefits listed above. Think about it-how many published authors do you know?

And now for the other issue: you don't have time. We get it. You're busy, and a book is a big project to take on. That's where Advantage Media Group comes in. In just twenty-four hours of your time (but hundreds of ours), we'll interview you and create, publish, and market a book that will become a linchpin in your business plan for growth strategy. Request your free toolkit today!



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