Grow A Business With A Book

Authors who work with Advantage Media Group know that there are dozens of ways to grow a business with a book. They use a custom-crafted Roadmap to Revenue™ to guide their marketing after they publish. Here are just six of the many methods our authors implement to leverage their books and grow their businesses.


1. A book can make you a celebrity.


Writing a book gives you an expert status that few people ever reach. Eighty-one percent of Americans feel they have the capability to write a book, but the vast majority of them never do it. If you market your book well, you can become the go-to expert in your field.

2. A book is the ultimate business card.


Imagine sliding a book rather than a business card across the table at your next networking event. Suddenly, you become far more interesting. You’ve gone from a pest to a welcomed guest. Plus, you pre-sell your prospect and establish credibility. A book is the ultimate sales letter.

3. A book is a cost-effective marketing tool.


A book is an image advertisement, business card, direct-response ad, and credibility builder all rolled into one. At less than $5 per unit, you can get an incredible return on your investment.

4. A book makes you a customer magnet.


Many people and businesses use books to generate leads. One of our clients, Steve Clark, was the subject of a newspaper story that got the attention of the Chamber of Commerce. He was invited to speak at an event, and an attendee was so impressed that he hired Steve for a $45,000 contract!

5. A book can get you media coverage.


The media only cares about delivering good content; newspapers and television news shows aren’t interested in promoting your business. But interviewing a credible expert and author? Reporters love it! A book is something to talk about, and that’s worth a lot.

6. A book makes you the logical choice.


When your prospects are comparing their choices, author status catapults you to the top of the pack. Once people find out you’ve published a book on the subject, you set yourself apart from the competition.

Are you ready to grow a business with a book? Take the first steps today by contacting Advantage Media Group. Request your free toolkit to learn about all the ways a book can help you grow your business – and get a free consultation with an expert Author Advisor.


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