The Key To Starting Your Own Consulting Practice

Starting your own consulting practice is no easy venture, and you want to set yourself up to be successful. What's the key to establishing your position as a subject matter expert and thought leader in your industry? It all comes down to credibility.

What's the one thing that all consultants have in common? Ethos. The great Greek philosopher outlined three means of persuasion: ethos, or credibility; pathos, or feeling; and logos, or logic. When you're starting your own consulting practice, you need to establish ethos. Why should people listen to you? What makes you an authority on the subject?

In business and entrepreneurship, your good name is everything. You may have dozens of years of experience; you might have a wall lined with degrees from Ivy League universities. But if you don't come across as a credible expert in your field, starting your own consulting practice will be an adventure in folly.

How Thought Leaders Create Ethos

How can you create ethos? It's a journey you have to initiate before you consider starting your own consulting practice. Whenever you have the opportunity, take on speaking engagements. Create a presence on social media – one that is separate from your personal life. Become active on LinkedIn. Go to local meetings of industry groups, attend conferences, and network like crazy.

But how do you get these speaking engagements? How can you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry? You're not interested in knocking on doors and adding your email spam to the dozens your potential clients already get each day. The fastest way to create ethos is by writing a book. This will take you from an unwanted salesperson to a valuable source of information.

Unlike any other type of marketing material – brochures, webinars, e-letters, CDs, etc. – a book has inherent value in our society. People don't throw out books the way they discard other forms of marketing. Authorship is a special club, one that will immediately establish you in your prospect's mind as a qualified and even exceptional consultant.

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