How to Change Your Life with a Thought Leadership Book

Creating a thought leadership book can open doors both big and small for you and your business. From high-quality lead generation to free media publicity to speaking engagements, establishing yourself as the authority in your industry gives you dozens of professional opportunities. Just ask these three authors!

Brought to You By…Ron Seaver

Ron Seaver spent years connecting athletes and sports organizations with corporate sponsors, and he used his expertise to write a book on obtaining corporate sponsorship. This was just his first step. From there, he developed a home-study kit called the “Brought to You By…” System. He repurposed and expanded on the content in his book to create a CD, bonus manuals, templates, and more. How-to books like Ron’s are easy to expand into home-study kits or online courses, which will net you far more income than you’ll get from just selling your book. From there, Ron created continuity programs with monthly coaching calls and even a Sponsorship Bootcamp, adding entirely new streams of revenue to his business.

Jim Ziegler’s Prosperity Equation

Jim Ziegler may not be your typical celebrity, but he’s a household name in the automotive industry. He wrote The Prosperity Equation in 1998, and sent a copy of it to the editor of Dealer Magazine, the largest publication for automotive dealerships in the country. The editor asked Jim to write an editorial for the next issue, and it became such a hit that Jim was asked to write a regular monthly column. Seventeen years later, Jim is still going strong, hosting seminars and training sessions around the country.

Bo Burlingham, the Small Giant

Bo Burlingham (editor at large for Inc.), wrote a book called Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big. In it, he outlines the common characteristics that small, inspiring companies share, which he calls “business mojo.” Small business owners were drawn to this idea, and Bo created the Small Giants Community. Members pay a fee and gain access to training programs, conferences, and other educational materials. Small Giants also offers a training program, and is now an international organization – just from one thought leadership book.

Where will your thought leadership book take you? At Advantage Media Group, we’re here to help you make the journey. Contact us today to see how you can become the next success story.


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