Writing a Short Biography That Leaves Them Craving More

As a leader in your industry, you are personally tied to your brand. There’s no better opportunity to set the stage for your brand image than when writing a short biography. You worked hard to succeed, and the “About Me” sections on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your personal website are perfectly placed to showcase your talent and experience.

A good marketer takes advantage of every opportunity to connect with potential customers, and as the leader of your business, you're uniquely poised to market yourself and your brand. The "About Me" page of your website or social media section is a great opportunity to give readers a taste of what they can expect from you. Follow these three tips for writing a short biography that encourages readers to become fans, followers, and customers.

  1. Skip the introduction and start with a bang. Space and time are at a premium. By the time someone is reading your biography, that person knows the basics about you - no one wastes time reading the biographies of total strangers. Skip the typical rigamarole of "My name is John Doe, and I work for Widgets, Inc." Use those valuable first few words to grab their attention with something unexpected and even personal. Just make sure you're staying within your brand's tone and persona.
  2. Customize your info. What does the reader want? Someone who is reading your LinkedIn profile is looking for information on your professional life, past jobs, skills, etc., so make sure you get that across. Twitter only gives you 160 characters to lure the reader in on your bio section, so use them wisely. You shouldn't write a short biography that you can use on every site. The medium dictates the message.
  3. Leave 'em wanting more. Your biography should establish you as a thought leader, so the reader is eager for your advice and wisdom. It's the perfect time to direct them to your publications, articles, interviews, and books.

Not a published author yet? Advantage Media Group can help. We ensure every book has a high quality back cover bio and an About the Author section that can be repurposed to your mediums in different ways. You invest twenty-four hours of your time with us, and we'll create and publish a beautiful book.

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