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A Book is THE Unfair Business Advantage for Professionals

Want to write a book but don’t have the time?

Being a published author is THE unfair business advantage of the new economy we live in today.

Advantage Members use their books:

  • To become THE Authority, Celebrity, and Expert in their industry, marketplace, and community.
  • As THE dramatic differentiator in their marketing and communication to stand above the competition.
  • To command premium prices and stay in-demand.

Most Business Professionals Will NEVER Get a Book Done

It’s a sad truth, but writing a book sits on the “To-Do” list for years before eventually being erased. For the ambitious professionals that actually take the first step to begin writing, an average of 3.2 years passes from the first writing to the first full draft of the manuscript.
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We Create Your Book In
Less Than 24 Hrs of Your Time

We know that TIME is your most precious asset. Advantage is THE pioneer of pain-free book creation. Our famous Talk Your Book® program has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals create a book in less than a day. Requiring less than 24 hours of your time (but investing over 250 hours of ours), we create and publish a beautiful book that rivals the quality of any book found on the front table of major bookstores.

You Save Hundreds of Hours of Your Time

Advantage’s goal is to save you hundreds of hours of time, frustration, and indecision by doing the heavy lifting for you. Our comprehensive in-house team of award-winning publishing professionals will Create, Publish, and Market a book that will Grow Your Business.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, this is how it works:

Blueprint Your BookTM

Strategize Your Book

Fast Start

Author Program®

We strategize, plan, and design the outline of your book, delivering an actionable plan and blueprint for its creation.

Create Your Book

Talk Your Book

Talk Your Book®

Over the course of 10 hours, your project editor will interview you by phone. Our editorial team will then transcribe your ideas, transforming them into a manuscript.

Publish Your Book

Publish Your Book

Launch Your Book®

After editing, you’ll work with our team to design a book that rivals the best sellers. We manage all printing, distribution, and sales to online and offline retail outlets.

Market Your Book

Market Your Book

Book the Business®

We help you craft and implement a plan to grow your business with your book. Your Roadmap to Revenue™ will guide you and your ROI Guide for the first year.

What Makes Advantage the Market Leader?

The Advantage Talk Your Book® Difference

Award Winning Project Editors

All Advantage editors have gold-plated credentials and have worked for Random House, HarperCollins, Disney, Time, and more! The highest editorial quality of your book is our top priority.

Less Than 24 Hrs of Your Time

How long does it take to craft a beautiful book that reads as well and looks as good as those on the front table of a major bookstore? More than 250 hours – but only 24 of them are yours!

Pain-Free Book Creation

Attempting to build a beautiful book on your own can be a long and frustrating process. Our team of professionals work together to ensure a Quick, Fun, and Easy publishing experience.

120 Days to Launch

Professionals that write a book themselves average 3.2 years from first word to first draft. At Advantage, your published book will be in your hands and available to bookstores in 120 days!

Already Have Your Book Written?

Advantage is The Publisher for Professionals®

Ready to Publish and Market a book you’ve already written? Nearly 1/3 of Advantage Members arrive at our front door with the first draft of a manuscript already created. The difference between an average book and a great book that drives your business is all in the details.

This Is NOT Self-Publishing

What difference does a professional publisher make?

Some Advantage Members come to us having self-published a first edition of their book. Looking for the most economical option, corners were unfortunately cut. The adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. The challenge for the professional is simple: a great book drives your business while a poorly written, edited, designed, and printed book DESTROYS your business.

Because your reputation is all you have, doesn’t it seem reasonable to inspire trust and confidence in your audience, prospects, and clients by providing them a professional book that reads and looks like those on the front table of a major bookstore? At Advantage, that is part of our Member Promise.

This Is NOT Self-Publishing

Making Big Money With Your Book

We Wrote The Book On It

Adam Witty and Dan Kennedy co-authored the best-selling Book The Business: How to Make Big Money With Your Book Without Even Selling a Single Copy, in which they provide THE marketing blueprint professionals need to get the most from their book.

Mr. Witty, the Founder & CEO of Advantage Media Group, has used the philosophy of ‘book as marketing tool’ that he outlines in Book The Business to fuel the growth of Advantage, since 2005. If you want to grow your business with your book, there is no other company better suited and committed to that outcome than Advantage.

What has made Advantage THE publisher professionals choose to Create, Publish, and Market a book? Every Advantage author is wrapped in marketing support that includes…

Book The Business: How to Make Big Money With Your Book Without Even Selling a Single Copy

A Marketing Company That Knows Something about Publishing

The Advantage Book Marketing Difference

ROI Guide™

Every Advantage Member is granted the guidance of a highly trained book marketing professional. Your ROI Guide will be your book marketing advisor for 12 months, beginning 2 months prior to the publication of your book.

Book Marketing
Blueprint Day™

Every Advantage Member experiences a 1-day, intensive Book Marketing Blueprint Day. Our marketing experts help you craft a Roadmap to Revenue™ that outlines a strategy and implementation plan to grow your business with your book

Authority Marketing System™

The Advantage team of marketing and business growth professionals provides turn-key, done-for-you marketing implementation to ensure that you get the most from your book.

Authority Marketing Summit™

Advantage hosts the premier book marketing conference annually. At no charge, our Members learn the best practices in using a book for lead generation, publicity, speaking, and building omnipresence.

Ready to
Grow Your Business
With a Book?

Want to learn how we can get your book done in less than 24 hours of your time?

Get started with your complimentary
Grow Your Business With a Book Toolkit.

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