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Great Falls, VA

Dave Ramos


Decide One Thing: The One Thing EVERY Executive Team Must Decide
One Big Idea. Organizations have to be good at lots of things, but the way to win is to become differentiatingly great at One Thing. The one thing every executive team must decide is, "What is your One Thing?"

Four Typical Responses
Based on our experience, we know that the Decide One Thing concept will get four different responses:
-Some organizations will categorically reject the idea that they need to become great at One Thing.
-Some will think it is cool, but get distracted by the next cool idea or fad that comes along.
-Some will embrace the concept for a time, but give up because implementing it is too hard.
-A few executive teams will fully commit to the Decide One Thing. Align Everything. Win! model. These organizations will generate incredible results - 30, 60 or 100 times their investment.

So, which of the four responses will you have?

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