What You Do Before You Write
Will Determine If and How You Finish

8 out of 10 Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals That Start Writing a Book Never Finish It.

Learn How to Prevent Yourself From Being a Statistic

The Fast Start Author Program®

The Roadmap to Publishing Success


Advantage helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals WRITEPUBLISH, and MARKET a book to grow their business. Our Authors beat the odds by successfully getting their books done in 6 months or less! How? We STRATEGIZE first so we can finish easy.

Fast Start Author Program

Every prospective Advantage author must begin their book writing and publishing journey at the Fast Start Author Program. During this engaging 2-week process, you will develop immense CLARITY about your book.


2-Page Book Marketing Plan

Our Author Marketing Advisor will serve as your first tour guide by brainstorming the big picture and idea behind your book. We will help you determine your “definition of success” for the book. We will identify key success metrics and ROI targets for the project. From there, we will define the target audience and ensure the key concepts of your book deliver upon the promise made to the reader in the title and subtitle. We will develop title and subtitle ideas. We will also craft a “Centers of Influence” list for your book and provide a Fast Start Marketing Action Plan. Your Author Marketing Advisor will deliver a custom 2-Page Book Marketing Plan that provides a strategic roadmap with key action items.


Book Blueprint

After your Book Marketing Plan is crafted, we are ready to begin the creation of a Book Blueprint. Just like building architectural blueprints for a dream home, our Editorial Director and a Project Editor will serve as the architects of your book. After a few phone calls, your Project Editor will craft a 8-12 page detailed Book Blueprint and strategic outline. Whether you write the book yourself, hire a ghost-writer, or participate in our Talk Your Book® program, this Blueprint is an essential first step. Your Book Blueprint will answer the key questions of what content and information is included in your book and in what order.


Author Resources

Whether you write and publish your book with Advantage or not, we want you to be successful. Every Fast Start author receives our full arsenal of how-to book writing, publishing, and marketing resources including a signed copy of Book the Business, our Advantage Capabilities book, a teleseminar featuring Adam Witty and Dan Kennedy, and our renowned Author Success University CDs.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Start Your Book, and Finish It!

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