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Grow Your Speaking Business Toolkit

Ready to start your speaking business? Ready to accelerate the growth of your existing speaking business? Request your complimentary Grow Your Speaking Business Toolkit and learn how we can help you take your speaking business to the next level.

 40 Irrefutable Steps to Building a Substantial Speaking Business by Steve Gilliland

Inside the Grow Your Speaking Business Toolkit, you will learn

  • HOW to create a WOW Package that creates a knockout punch and gets you hired
  • WHAT should be included on your meeting planner friendly website
  • HOW to design a preview video that gets you noticed
  • HOW to properly solicit clients for referrals
  • Use your book to get interesting and profitable Speaking Engagement
  • The ART of subliminally selling your products during your speaking presentation

Your Grow Your Speaking Business Toolkit includes:

  • Author autographed copy of 40 Irrefutable Steps to Building a Substantial Speaking Business
  • Audio CD How I Built A Professional Speaking Business to $1M in Annual Revenue and How You Can Too
  • Feature Article: Making A Difference: How to be a 7-Figure Professional Speaker
  • Speaker U Blueprint: What You Will Learn
  • Complimentary Grow Your Speaking Business Discovery Call with an expert Speaker Advisor

Bonus: Grow Your Speaking Business Discovery Call

On this private discovery call, a Speaker U Vice President of Speaker Development will strategize the growth of your speaking business with you. You will receive expert advice, complete answers, actionable steps, and extreme value from this call.

The Grow Your Speaking Business discovery call covers such topics as:

  • Your definition of success: We will discuss how a successful speaking business can produce the lifestyle outcomes that you desire. We will discuss what you want to achieve in annual bookings and sales.
  • The state of your business: We will discuss your existing speaking business or the big idea behind the speaking business that you hope to create. We will discuss the results of your marketing efforts to date.
  • Case Studies and Insights: We will share the insights and best practices that we have learned from our most successful speakers and how you can apply those principles to your speaking business.
  • The Speaker U Way: We will share how we help busy professionals Start, Market, and Grow a speaking business. We will pull back the curtain on how we help you accelerate your speed to success. We will explain the process, timeline, and investment speakers make.