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Adam Witty, Founder and CEO

Welcome!  Becoming an authority in your field will transform your business.  We are delighted to share this exciting journey with you.  Please enter your information to the right so we can get started by sharing Lead The Field with you.


Lead The Field Book

Do you and your organization have what it takes to be the “go to” solution in your field? Please answer these questions to unlock your complimentary Lead The Field and learn how we can help you take your business to the next level.

As the leader in your industry, community, or marketplace you can position yourself and your business as the undisputed expert, influential authority, and in-demand celebrity.

This authority position moves you to new heights and makes marketing, selling, and building trust with customers dramatically easier and quicker then ever before.

Inside the Lead The Field, you will learn:

  • What Authority Marketing actually is
  • Four reasons Authority Marketing makes growing a business much easier
  • The Pillars of Authority Marketing
  • Examples of Authority Marketing in business today
  • How to implement Authority Marketing into your business for gain, fame, and fortune

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