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Brookings, OR

Misty Young

Co-Owner - Squeeze In

From Rags To Restaurants: The Secret Recipe
Is it possible for your restaurant or small business to not only survive, but to thrive and increase sales eight-fold during the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression? Restaurant Lady Misty Young has a defiant YES to that question, based on her experience expanding her Squeeze In restaurant, locally famous in Reno/Tahoe for fantastic omelettes and its rapid expansion from one beloved location to several and counting.

Things didn’t start out perfectly in Misty’s “Rags to Restaurants” life – from a childhood of frequent moves, a period on government assistance, and a rough time balancing family life while earning her college degree. Clearly she has more than made up for it. Misty chalks it up to her discovery of The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success, which she shares in this book. Some of the most famous in the food and restaurant industry would happily agree that Misty has undoubtedly arrived, evidenced when the Food Network showed up one snowy December day, placing her talents and her omelettes on national television for a surprise episode of Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.

When the masses came calling asking Misty to share her secrets, this Western restaurant maven was prepared, knowing the detailed facts about her guests, associates, financials and operations down to the number of eggs cracked since day one. “You can’t count what you don’t measure, and vice-versa,” Misty says. Misty’s targeted Egghead Breakfast Club and her grasp of constantly changing social media helped spread the Squeeze story far and wide to prospective guests and media outlets. Restaurant Lady Misty Young’s experiences and rock solid approach can help you transform your restaurant into an outstanding stand-alone venue or allow it to become the base for a profitable and expanding regional chain. Crack open From Rags to Restaurants and whip up some success!

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