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Five Year Anniversary School Building Project in Guatemala

In July 2010, Advantage decided to celebrate its five years in business in an unconventional way. Rather than throwing a party with cake and champagne, it made more sense to focus on our core purpose and equip people to improve their lives through literacy and education. Our Five-Year Anniversary Dream—to build the Advantage Family Library in a country in need. Thanks to generous contributions from team members, Advantage clients, vendors, and strategic partners, we were able to reach our fund raising goal in less than 30 days! In fact, we even raised enough money to build a SCHOOL in Guatemala! In 2011, the school was constructed.

This unprecedented display of support and loyalty for Advantage was an incredibly positive way to enter the second half of our first decade. We may be a small company, but we know how to make a big difference. What better way can a publisher give back to the global community than by building a school that will help kids learn and read?  This is another reason we are all very proud to be a part of the Advantage family.

Guatemala Trip

Read For Your Life

From 2006-2008, Advantage was a proud reading partner of Sanders-Clyde Elementary School in downtown Charleston. Every Wednesday morning at 7am, Advantage team members would enter classrooms to read to students. By encouraging literacy and providing positive role models, our mark on Charleston’s youth will provide dividends for future generations.

Youth Entrepreneurship South Carolina (YEScarolina)


Advantage is a proud contributor to YEScarolina. Charged with the mission of teaching entrepreneurship to young South Carolinians of all socio-economic backgrounds to enhance their productivity by improving their business, academic, and life skills, we support YEScarolina financially and through the development of books and online educational materials for student and teacher education.

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