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Want to start a
professional speaking business, but have no idea where to start?

Starting a professional speaking business from scratch is time-intensive, expensive, and painful…just like starting any business. Where do you start? What do you do first? What fee do you charge? Who do you target? These are all questions that, until now, each speaker must learn the hard way through a time consuming and frustrating trial-and-error process.

Microphone on ground

What if there was a step-by-step blueprint that you could follow that would accelerate your speed to success by at least 5 years and save you $100,000 in marketing expense, vendor expense, and lost opportunities?

In 2008, Steve surpassed the $1M mark in annual speaking fees earned.

What happened in the 8 years between 1999 and 2008?

“I was beginning from scratch, figuring things out completely on my own, feeling isolated and alone, hitting bricks walls, trying again, and ultimately conquering a steep learning curve. The first three years were pretty lean. I drove a 10-year-old Dodge Stratus, ate Ramen noodles, and financed my next month of living expenses from the deposits I would receive for a speaking gig 90 days out. I was chasing this dream of being a professional speaker.”- Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE.

Steve Gilliland, Hall-of-Fame Speaker

Since 2009, Steve Gilliland has given 688 paid speeches earning more than $8M in speaking fees alone

Hall-of-Fame Speaker, Steve Gilliland

Steve Gilliland orbits the top 1% of paid professional speakers in the world in annual earnings.

How did Steve get there?

  • Hard work.
  • Perseverance.
  • A lot of trial and error.

To be in the Top 1%, you’ve got to be a dynamic and articulate speaker with good content. More important, however, you must be tenacious in marketing your speaking business. Steve Gilliland is one of the most tenacious and aggressive marketers in the entire speaking industry.

Over 15 years, Steve Gilliland has built proven marketing systems for his speaking business.

Speaker U shows you how to build Steve’s proven marketing systems into your own speaking business.

Avoid Trial & Error

Build Your Speaking Business the Easy Way

Avoid trial and error

Success leaves clues. The Top 1% of speakers know things that the other 99% don’t. The problem is that most speakers in the Top 1% guard their secrets like the US Army guards the gold repository in Fort Knox. Speaking is a VERY competitive business and the last thing a top speaker wants to do is teach you what they know and then have you competing against them for the next booking.

Steve isn’t worried about the competition.

Competition only forces him to be better.

Speaker U provides the step-by-step blueprints Steve Gilliland used to build his speaking business and the exact marketing materials he uses to get booked 125x per year.

Earn More Than $100K
in Annual Revenue

The sad truth is that most new and existing speakers will NEVER, EVER surpass the $100,000 threshold in annual speaking fees. For the ambitious professional speakers that actually surpass the 6-figure mark, they average six years to get there.

6 Years Just to Get to $100k? We Don’t Think So.

Speaker U Online Course


We know that TIME is your most precious asset. Speaker U is the ONLY method that can accelerate your speed to success in starting and growing a Substantial, Sustainable, and Profitable speaking business.

Our exclusive Speaker U Blueprint provides a 40-hour step-by-step online learning program for you and your team. You’ll receive over 250 templates, marketing materials, and a comprehensive participant workbook that will help you build your speaking business.

Cut YEARS Off Your Learning Curve

We save you thousands of hours of time, frustration, and indecision by doing the heavy lifting for you. A one-stop-shop, Speaker U boasts a comprehensive in-house team of marketing professionals that will guide you in creating a Substantial, Sustainable, and Profitable speaking business.

Cut years off of your learning curve.

What Does Speaker U Include?

This is the core of Speaker U. A 40-hour online learning program that provides the step-by-step process, templates, and marketing materials that Steve Gilliland followed and used to build his $1M+ speaking business.
We welcome you to the Speaker U Family with an intensive 1-day seminar led by Steve Gilliland himself. During this Speaker Marketing Blueprint Day, Steve will lead your small group in building an actual blueprint for marketing your professional speaking business over the next year.
Every month, Steve Gilliland provides coaching calls to answer questions and help speakers achieve breakthroughs in their speaking business. During the calls, Steve breaks down marketing materials he is using, shares tips on accelerating referrals, and critiques the work of Speaker U Members.
Each year, Speaker U Members gather for the annual Speaker U Master Series with Steve Gilliland. The 2-day event provides in-depth education on groundbreaking new marketing and new trends affecting the speaking industry.
We help you craft and implement a plan to grow your speaking business. Your Roadmap to Revenue™ will lead you and your ROI Guide for the first year.

What Makes Speaker U the Market Leader?

The Speaker U Difference

We Practice What We Preach

Speaker U Chairman Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE actively runs a $1M+ speaking business. In 2015, Steve will deliver 150 paid engagements. Our teachings are based upon results, not theory.

Less Than 40hrs of Your Time

Following the conventional learning curve, expect 6 years to get to $100K. In less than 40 hours you will complete the Speaker U Blueprint and have the tools needed to accelerate your speed to success.

Speaking Business in a Box

Over 250 templates, marketing materials, forms, letters, and emails that Steve Gilliland uses in his speaking business for million dollar results. This alone will save you $100K in time and expense.

Your Marketing Guide

Every Speaker U student has an ROI Guide who will serve as their marketing liaison and strategist for the first 12 months.

Already Have A Speaking Business?

Over 50% of Speaker U Members already have a professional speaking business in operation. The difference between an average speaking business and a great speaking business is all in the details.

Speaker U Helps Existing Speakers Accelerate Their Growth

We Fix Broken Speaking Businesses

Globally, 97% of speaking fees are taken by the Top 3% of professional speakers. This is the 80/20 rule on steroids! Why does it take the average speaker 6 years to surpass $100,000 in annual speaking revenue? Why are 97% of all speaking fees consumed by the Top 3% of speakers?

Most speakers have no BLUEPRINT to MARKET their speaking business.

We fix broken speaking businesses

Growing Your Speaking Business

Market Yourself

You know that you’re a good speaker, so it kills you when you don’t get hired for gigs that you knew you were perfect for. How many times have you said “I got passed over for THAT speaker?!”?

Speaker U Formula for Success:

You must be a MARKETER of your speaking business more than just being the TALENT of your speaking business.

It’s not the best talent but the best marketed talent that gets hired.

Speaker U helps busy professionals Start, Grow, and Market a Substantial, Sustainable, and Profitable speaking business. Speaker U is the only speaker support organization that provides step-by-step marketing templates and blueprints that are working. We back it up by providing every speaker an ROI Guide.

We Even Wrote the Book On It

Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE wrote the best-selling book, 40 Irrefutable Steps to Building a Substantial Speaking Business, in which he provides THE marketing blueprint professionals need to start and grow a professional speaking business.

Mr. Gilliland, the Co-Founder of Speaker U, has used the exact techniques outlined in 40 Irrefutable Steps to fuel the growth of his own speaking business. Since 2009, he has delivered 688 paid speeches for $8M in speaking fee income. If you want to grow your speaking business, there is no company better suited or more committed to that outcome than Speaker U.

40 Irrefutable Steps to Building a Substantial Speaking Business by Steve Gilliland

The Speaker U Marketing Difference

What makes Speaker U THE place busy professionals turn to Start, Market, and Grow a speaking business?

Every Speaker U Speaker is wrapped in first-rate marketing support that includes:

Every Speaker U Member experiences a 1-day, intensive Speaker Marketing Blueprint Day. It is here that our marketing experts help you craft a Roadmap to Revenue™, that outlines a strategy and implementation plan to grow your speaking business.

Every Speaker U Member benefits from the guidance of a highly trained speaker marketing professional. Your ROI Guide™ will be your speaker marketing advisor for 12 months after becoming a Member.

Speaker U hosts the premier speaker marketing conference held annually in Charleston, SC. At no charge, every Speaker U Member and a guest are invited to learn the latest best practices in marketing your speaking business to increase bookings, increase your fee, and develop lucrative back-of-the-room products.

The Speaker U team of marketing and speaking business growth professionals provide turn-key, done-for-you marketing implementation to ensure that your speaking business grows in quantity and quality of bookings and annual revenues.

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