How I Built and "Scaled Up" Scaling Up 

Adam Witty of ForbesBooks Interviews Verne Harnish


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Book authorship for personal promotion, to create powerful ‘lead generation magnets’ for use in advertising, for securing favorable media attention and publicity, to promote a cause or philosophy, for fun or fame or fortune the most proven, most powerful activity a person can take! Casting yourself in the role of a published author can foster authority, credibility, believability and even celebrity like nothing else. Inside these pages, you’ll discover nine exciting, different ways to make money and advance your career, business or cause by being the author of a book.

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A thoughtful piece of wisdom no sensible marketer can do without

"If you are a stand-out thought leader, a published author, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur, CEO or professional who is frustrated with the traditional, you will find useful insights on how to revamp and re-energize your marketing system in this book. Use the knowledge coded in the 7 Pillars of Authority Marketing to create a marketing funnel that never disappoints. It is a thoughtful piece of wisdom no sensible marketer can do without." 

Jerry Olasakinju,  Amazon Reviewer

inspired by this book!

"In the word 'authority' you have the word 'author'... 🤔 😊 As obvious as it is, I never really think about it. I secretly feed the thought of one day writing a book but now, I better understand that more than a dream it is a necessity.

The authors explain clearly the importance of establishing some authority and the strategies to follow to achieve that goal. Really good book I will certainly read again next month."

Tevin Gongo, Amazon Reviewer 

Amazing advice

"Book The Business: How To Make BIG MONEY With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy by Adam Witty and Dan Kennedy is a book that is meant to help experts use their knowledge to open doors and allow for more customers and connections to fuel what they are already doing. The authors are both highly accomplished in their fields and have put together this book with the intention of showing others how to be successful with the knowledge that they already have. The idea here is that having taken the time and energy to create a book which highlights you as an expert in your field will do much more for you than any other type of marketing or business ploy. A published book automatically shows that you are knowledgeable and have something to offer to the people around you. This will then open doors for you that would not be there for others, even if they have the same knowledge and experience.

Not going to lie, when I read the title of this book I almost gave it a pass. It felt like it was going to be a scam to me because how can you make money on a book without selling it? Then, once I actually started to read it all started to make sense. I never would have thought that just having a book would be enough to get people interested in doing business with you. But it makes sense. People also want to listen to what you have to say more closely because you are viewed as the expert in the conversation. Again, not something that I would have thought of. Authors of fiction and nonfiction would benefit from reading this, and anyone who is interested in writing would also be benefited by seeing the possible future options of being an author."

Phil Bolos, Amazon Reviewer

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