Go “Behind the Book” with Radio Star Kate Delaney

By Laura Rashley



Kate Delaney went from working at small, local radio stations to hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows. A firm believer that no one gets to decide the hand they’re dealt in life, in her book, Deal Your Own Destiny, Kate reflects on her initially “directionless” career and the wake-up calls that caused her to re-think her ambitions, priorities, and her mind-set. Though it took years of hard work and even harder decisions, Kate learned what it takes to transform one’s work into the career of one’s dreams.

Now an award-winning journalist and a host for NBC Sports Radio Network, Kate came a long way from her first baseball game at five years old, to working as a local news anchor, to being the first woman to make a name for herself in sports newscasting. “In sports, just as in business, you can’t just wish for something to happen,” she tells us. “To ‘deal your own destiny,’ you must believe in yourself on a grand scale, but you also need to have the discipline to learn, to do, and to strive.”

Everyone has dreams. It’s the people who believe in themselves and who have dedication that end up achieving them. For those who are just starting out, she advises: “You can’t let the opposition hold you back—even if that opposition is just your own fears.

You’re always the furthest away from your goal at the start, but you get closer to it with every step you take.”

There will always be obstacles, as Kate knows well. People will tell you don’t belong. People will tell you that you simply can’t do it. Other people, though, are not your biggest obstacle. You are. Kate was used to hearing “a woman doesn’t belong in the locker room.” She’s heard variations of it over and over throughout her career. The most important thing to combatting this, she’s realized in retrospect, was believing in herself. Without that, she never would have moved beyond the negativity and gotten to where she is today. “The more you believe in yourself,” she says, “the more others sense that belief, and over time they start to believe in you, too—and that’s where you really start to build momentum.”

In Deal Your Own Destiny, Kate shares the pivotal moments and decisions that furthered her career, and how she maintained the discipline to keep pushing after her goals even when she wasn’t sure she could. A personal and honest narrative, in sharing her story Kate aims to help readers understand how they can take control of their futures and pave their own roads to success, no matter what that “success” may look like. She teaches us that there are common barriers that successful entrepreneurs and athletes alike have met and conquered, and that you, too, can prepare for and eventually conquer your own barriers. Deal Your Own Destiny is her story, a story of patience, determination, and believing wholeheartedly in oneself.



1. She has won an Emmy for her journalism.
2. She is one of the first women to host a solo sports radio talk show in a top-ten market.
3. She has interviewed more than fifteen thousand people, including US presidents and Hall of
Fame athletes.
4. She is the president of the National Speakers Association in North Texas.
5. She survived a shooting while reporting on a voting event in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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