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How A Leadership Coach Began Dominating His Field

Chuck-Garcia-Speaking-SummitAs Chuck Garcia ascended the ranks of Bloomberg, a potent insight crystallized in his mind. Effective communication, above all, was the the bedrock of excellent leadership. After completing a 25-year stretch on Wall Street, he parlayed this idea into a business. Climb Leadership International, his revolutionary consulting firm, would coach executives on leadership development, public speaking, and emotional intelligence.

Despite his towering credentials, Garcia knew that he needed something to dramatically distinguish his brand. He was referred to Advantage, where he learned the value of becoming the authority in his industry. To cultivate that authority, he would need to publish a book. The Advantage team would take the reins to write, design, and distribute it. “It was music to my ears,” he says. “A marketing firm that publishes books for the benefit of driving the author’s business? Spot on.” Advantage released Garcia’s literary debut, A Climb to the Top, in a matter of months. They then deployed the Authority Marketing Systeman aggressive marketing program to complement the book, which positioned Garcia as the unrivaled industry authority.

His book, coupled with the Authority Marketing System, resulted in an “astonishing synergy” that powered the immeasurable growth of his business. “Prior to book publication, my business was flat. The book increased my revenues 5 fold… It has been a never ending stream of opportunities.” Due in part to the increased visibility, he was invited to join the faculty of Columbia University as an adjunct professor. He praises the “outstanding” service and “excellent” publishing experience provided by his account team. “This was my first experience writing and publishing a book. It won’t be my last…It has worked like a charm.” Garcia says, “Mission accomplished.”


Success by the Numbers


5X increase in revenue

60 speaking engagements since the book’s publication in May 2016

1 accepted offer to teach at Columbia University


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