peter j strauss success story

How An Attorney Became the “New Face of Insurance”

peter j strauss captive insurancePeter Strauss poured his energy into the law firm he founded, until his career took a sharp turn. When he stumbled on the concept of captive insurance, the Harvard OPM grad dismissed it as too good to be true. In the decade since, he’s founded his own captive management company, and emerged as the nation’s most vocal advocate of just that, captive insurance.

After publishing multiple books in his newfound field, it quickly became clear to Peter that he needed an authentic wow factor, something to distinguish his name and published works. Drawn to the stature of the Forbes brand, he teamed with ForbesBooks in 2017. Becoming a ForbesBooks author would endow his brand with incalculable credibility, and The Business Owner’s Definitive Guide to Captive Insurance was released that year. An exploration of all things captive insurance, it swiftly rose to best-seller status.

peter j strauss the business owners definitive guide to captive insurance

Since his ForbesBooks debut, Peter’s public profile skyrocketed. He landed the cover of ForbesBooks Review, putting his face, brand, and message in the hands of over 100,000 Forbes subscribers. The Forbes relationship has proved invaluable in his insurance business, with a number of leads finding him directly through his book, online presence on, and ForbesBooks Review feature. Speaking opportunities boomed as well; his author status means the difference between reaching out for speaking slots, and fielding inbound speaking requests. The book is leveraged in all aspects of his web presence and greater marketing efforts. His second title is in the works, as he continues to thrive in the coveted position of ForbesBooks author.




100,000+ Forbes subscribers reached

10x growth in social followers

3X growth in speaking engagements


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