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What Kind of Book Should You Write? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

what kind of book should i write. publishing quiz for business owners

Struggling to decide what to write your business book about? This quick quiz will help you hone in on the type of book that’s best for your industry.


1. What is the one thing you want to accomplish most with your book?

a. I want to inspire others with my story. 

b. I want to show people—maybe even investors—how I’m shaking things up in my industry.

c. I have stiff competition and want to use my book to attract more new clients to my practice. 

2. When you talk about your job, what do you find yourself discussing most?

a. How I made it. People are always asking me for advice on climbing the ladder. I truly enjoy sharing my wisdom with others.  

b. The technique or method that I created and perfected. It’s changing the way we do things in my industry and I couldn’t be prouder of it. 

c. The game-changing tips, secrets and hacks that my clients are dying to know. You only know this kind of stuff if you’ve been in the game as long as I have.

HOW do i publish my first book where do i start

3. When someone wants to talk about scaling your business, what is your usual response?

a. I’ve grown about as big as I’d like to be. I’m more interested in helping other people grow their businesses with all the great things I’ve learned on how to do it. 

b. I feel like I’m on the cusp of exponential growth, if I can get the right people to notice my company and the amazing things we’re doing. 

c. If I didn’t have so many competitors, I could be growing a lot faster. We have a decent client base, but we struggle to grow it.

4. What kind of audience do think you want to reach with your book?

a. I want an audience of people I can educate; professionals in my industry or those who aspire to work in it. 

b. I want an audience of people who think they know everything about how my industry works, so I can show them that they’ve never seen it done the way I do it. 

c. I want an audience of prospective clients. I want to share everything they need to know about how it all works—and what makes me a better choice to work with.


5. What types of advertising and lead generation magnets have you already created for your book?

a. I’ve been on major television and radio networks, and am constantly being featured in online articles.

b. I have a powerful lead funnel that I use to keep new clients coming, and have just started to try online ads.

c. I have a few pieces of collateral I send out, but that’s about it for now!


If you answered mostly A’s, you need to write a… Spill-All Memoir!

You’re standing at the top of the ladder, and now you’re reaching down to pull others up. You see yourself in every young hungry professional, and you’re bursting with wisdom to impart. Even if you love helping clients and giving them excellent advice, your real passion lies with those who sit on your side of the desk. You want to share those fine-tuned tips to help people succeed. Spill-Alls are very rich narratives that dive into your story, giving readers a close look at your career ascent. If you want to share your insights with people who can deploy them, this is the book for you. 

If you answered mostly B’s, you need to write an… Innovation Showcase!

Sometimes you get hit with that lightning bolt idea. In your industry, they’ve been doing it one particular way, maybe for decades. But after years spent toiling with the old way, you arrived at a much better one—and it became the partial foundation of your career. It’s probably complex, even though you have an elevator pitch for it. But it’s an innovation to your field, and one worth sharing. If you’re not keen to spotlight your personal story, an Innovation Showcase may be just what the doctor ordered. And who knows, broadcasting your cutting-edge method may just get the attention of investors, business partners or new clients!. 

If you answered mostly C’s, you need to write a… Client Encyclopedia!

Growing your client base is at the top of your agenda right now. If you’ve found it difficult, then odds are you have a few competitors gunning for that top spot too. The best way to beat them is to forget about them. Turn all of your attention to your prospective client. What can you do for them, before they ever step into your office? What do they need to know? What information can you alone give them? The secret is to arm your ideal client with all the information they need in order to make an informed purchasing decision. There are loads of “tips & tricks” you can share in a book. By delivering that free value, you immediately establish a relationship with them. Suddenly, when they need professional help, you’re at the top of mind.

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