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What People Are Saying

“If you want to stand out from your competitors, then writing a book is the most reliable way to do it. And this is a must-read book before you start. Full of real-life examples of how an authority book will get you in front of paying clients. But then I wouldn’t expect anything less from Dan Kennedy.”

-Amazon Reviewer


“There is no book on the market today that does a better job of showing you how to build and market your business/profession with a book. If you’ve ever thought of publishing a book to grow and market your business, this book will show you how with specific tips and practical advice from two of the top thought leaders in America.

Book the Business is a must read for anyone serious about growing their business with a book.”

-John Fisher, Author & Amazon Reviewer


“Book The Business is one of the best books I’ve read on book writing and marketing. Extremely eye opening methodology on not writing a book to sell books; but rather writing a book to build your expertise, audience, and business.

I especially found the tips on how to make additional offers and resources available in your book to drive traffic back to your website and increase the value of your book buyer useful.”

-Brian T. Edmondson, Best-Selling Author