Charlie Epstein

Registered investment advisor becomes two-time bestselling author.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” says Charlie Epstein, a Registered Investment Advisor. “I’m sitting down with the CFO of a large manufacturing firm expecting to receive the nod to manage their 401k. Out of the blue, he throws a copy of Tony Robbins book Money on the table and says he isn’t yet ready to have me manage his company’s plan. I open my briefcase and slide autographed copies of my two books Paychecks for Life and Save America Save across the table. Thirty minutes later I walked out of his office having secured the business. Bam, I slayed the giant!”

“If you think that is a good story, listen to this one” says Epstein. “About a month ago, I’m standing in line at Starbucks with my padfolio and a copy of my book. The lady in line behind me is a field reporter for the local ABC station in Hartford. We chit chat for 30 seconds and before placing my order give her a copy of my book. Truly, I didn’t think anything would happen. Two weeks later, I get a call from the producer of that station asking if I would come into the studio for an on camera interview to discuss how to best save for retirement. These kind of stories are now becoming the norm.”

“I wrote my first book about five years ago and thought the way to be successful was to become a New York Times Best Seller and sell books,” Epstein remembers. “Three years ago during vacation, I read Adam Witty’s book, Book The Business: How To Make Big Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy. I immediately picked up the phone, called Adam, and like a dog in heat (Adam’s words) yelled, ‘Adam, Adam, I get it I get it! It’s all about Authority Marketing and giving your book away!’”

Working with Advantage, Charlie Epstein re-published Paychecks for Life and authored a second book, Save America Save. Additionally, Charlie recycled, reused and repurposed the content in both of these for white papers, special reports, webinars, speeches and his video-blog. Charlie Epstein and Advantage|ForbesBooks have even partnered to “private-label” his book to 401(k) advisors to help them grow their Authority Marketing. ( “With Advantage’s help, I have become a content marketing machine,” says Epstein.

And how about business results? “It’s a 10x exponential multiplier, “says Epstein. “The combination of all these Authority Marketing activities, have created enormous unfair advantages for both my financial planning business and 401k Coach business.”

They have lead Charlie to be considered one of the most influential individuals in the 401k Industry by 401k Wire. Paid speaking at industry conferences is the new normal. National television, radio and print media are a regular occurrence.

“When I look back on that original enlightenment moment I received from reading Book The Business and all of the ongoing support Advantage and the Authority Institute have provided, I could not be more grateful to Adam Witty and his team of experts,” says Epstein.

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