Dr. Dustin Burleson

A board-certified orthodontist with every professional accreditation available wasn't enough to separate him from every other doctor.

If you search for an orthodontist in Kansas City, you will be presented with over 40 different choices. How do you know which one is best? How do you choose? These were exactly the questions that Dr. Dustin Burleson wondered too.

A board-certified orthodontist with every professional accreditation available wasn’t enough to separate him from every other doctor. “In the world of medicine, it is really hard to stand out above the crowd,” says Burleson. “Our government, the media, and many others are intent on portraying orthodontics, and medicine for that matter, as a commodity where it is largely the same wherever you go and whomever you receive treatment from.”

Dustin Burleson would have none of it, and fortunately, Advantage|ForbesBooks completely agreed. Over the last few years, Advantage and its Authority Institute have worked with Dr. Burleson to strategically position him as THE orthodontist in greater Kansas City and the “logical choice” that every mom would prefer to fit their child for braces.

“From the beginning, I understood Authority Marketing and how it could benefit me and my practice,” says Burleson. “Furthermore, I knew that I needed a trusted team to help me with this because I needed to focus on caring for my patients.”

Today, Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry is the market leader with four locations in the Kansas City metro area. Burleson has authored two books published by Advantage that he uses to generate leads and call-ins to his offices. He mailed copies of his books to all the television and media outlets in Kansas City and has scored regular guest appearances on Kansas City local ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX to discuss braces and children’s health.  

“If I look at the marketing I do for my practice, the lion’s share falls into the category of authority marketing,” says Burleson. “Parents make purchase decisions for their children’s health care based on credibility and trust. Working with Advantage, we have built higher levels of credibility and trust which have resulted in growing patients, growing office locations, and growing a practice that I am proud of and enjoy working in.”

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