Aaron Zwas

Presidet, Zwas Group

Aaron Zwas is a consulting journeyman with fifteen years of independent experience as a strategic technology advisor. His career, and the evolution of the T2I Plan, has spanned the lifestyles of a travel writer, young-and-single in New York City, and―currently―as a suburban married father of three.Aaron manages his consulting practice, Zwas Group, from his home office and is able to spend significant time with his young family.

Transition To Independence

Publication Date: January 2016

Use the T2I Plan to Work and Live on Your Terms

With the help of email and mobile phones, the modern American workday has seeped into nearly every moment of our waking lives. The result: we are becoming time-poor, with too much focus on work and not nearly enough time for life.There is an alternative, however: the lifestyle of independent consultants, professionals who offer their expertise on a per-project basis. Independents have the freedom to regain a healthy work/life balance and live happier lives―without sacrificing their earning potential.

Becoming an Independent sounds appealing, but getting there can be confusing, frustrating, and even risky. Designed to be applicable to a wide variety of work and personal conditions, Transition to Independence helps you overcome these challenges with the step-by-step T2I Plan, which guides you through: distilling your career experiences into a marketable asset, preparing yourself (and your family) for the Independent’s lifestyle, planning a low-risk transition from your corporate job to Independence, improving your earning potential over time, and continuing to learn and grow with the online T2I community.

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