Alex Lehr

Owner, Lehr Real Estate

Alex Lehr is a proprietor and broker at Lehr Real Estate, located in San Carlos, California. He has been practicing real estate for nearly three decades. Alex’s wife Denise and their four children are also key members of the company, with Denise serving as the other proprietor.

The Unexpected Sale

Publication Date: December 2017

When you’re named the executor of an estate, you most likely find yourself asking a whirlwind of questions, the first being, “What does that mean for me, exactly?”

Being the executor or administrator of an estate means a lot of (often unwanted!) responsibility, and for someone not familiar with the process, that can be overwhelming. But in his new book The Unexpected Sale: Guidance for the Executor/Administrator of an Estate, Alex Lehr―owner of Lehr Real Estate―provides everything you need to know to easily and successfully navigate through an often-complicated process.

Beginning with explaining the role of an executor, to dealing with the dreaded taxman, to keeping everyone in the family happy, Alex’s book covers the entire process of handling inherited property. Anyone who assumes the responsibilities of an executor deserves to have expert advice, and that is just what Alex offers here.

Trying to get the best value when selling an estate while finding a solution that keeps everyone satisfied is hard enough. Don’t go it alone. Within these pages is everything you need to know to efficiently fulfill your role as an executor and take the unwanted surprises out of the unexpected.

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