Chris and Matt Noon

Founders, Noon Turf Care

Christopher Noon is CEO of Noon Turf Care and founder of Green Light Sales Consulting with over 15 years of sales experience in the lawn and pest industries. He is considered one of the most talented sales professionals in the Green Industry because of his innovative and patented sales techniques, known as ‘One Step Sales.’ He also does consulting for a variety of home service businesses outside his industry, where he teaches his sales and marketing techniques. Chris founded and built two multi-million dollar home services businesses by applying his One Step Sales Technique. He is a graduate of Seton Hall University where he played on their Division One soccer team and is currently studying in the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program. Christopher lives in Sudbury, MA with his two daughters, Ava and Lyla, and significant other, Nicole Buck.

Matthew Noon has enjoyed a truly remarkable career as an entrepreneur, business leader, inventor, writer, and President of Noon Turf Care. He began a neighborhood lawn service in high school when he was just 17 years old, which he then leveraged into a company with revenues nearing $10 million. Matt earned the New England Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2002 and is passionate about creating higher client service standards in the Green Industry. He is a monthly columnist for three of the industry’s largest trade magazines, where he also sits on each of their insight counsel boards. In his spare time, Matt coaches collegiate entrepreneurs for the Boston College Entrepreneur’s Society. Matt is a graduate of Boston College and is currently studying in the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program. He lives in Harvard, MA with his wife, Colleen.

Dialing For Dollars In A Digital World

Publication Date: April 2015

Want to make millions over the phone? Just say Hello to Chris Noon. In Chris’s expert hands, a simple cold call becomes a masterpiece of deal-clinching salesmanship. This book tells you exactly—and in unstinting detail—how he does it. Starting out, Chris learned business in the produce-or-perish pressure cooker of major Madison Avenue ad agency TBWAChiatDay. As a young account exec, he worked on high-profile campaigns for such gold-plated companies as Nissan, Absolut, Kmart, and Meridian. But the experience only fueled his ambition to strike gold on his own.
He partnered with his brother and founded the lawn and landscape companies in the Boston area that bear their name. With a whirlwind of innovative sales ideas, an inborn enthusiasm, and a love of competition and winning (he still plays soccer, the sport he played in Division 1 at Seton Hall University) Chris quickly helped propel the Noon companies into a thriving, multi-million-dollar, nationally recognized success. Recently, Chris has turned his talents and attention to sharing his unique pathways to winning. He launched the Green Light Consulting Services to coach other landscape companies. And now, this inspiring new book! It is a personal tour of his sales philosophy, invaluable experience and methods— including how he turned the standard sales phone call into a One Step Sales sure-fire payoff. “Never stop learning,” is one of Chris’s mantras (it’s also the reason he’s enrolled in Harvard’s OPM Business Program). Learn from Chris and get ready to say hello to ‘Making Millions’!

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