Chris Powell and Jill Warrington

Chris Powell: CEO of Aspenti Heath; Jill Warrington: Laboratory Director at the Vermont Department of Health

Chris Powell has thirty years of healthcare experience and is the CEO of Aspenti Heath, a company specifically designed to drive population health in the SUD sector. Dr. Jill Warrington currently serves as laboratory director at the Vermont Department of Health. She has a MD, a PhD in pharmacology from Tufts University School of Medicine, and AP/CP board certification in pathology and laboratory medicine.


Publication Date: May 2022

For over twenty years, America’s opioid addiction crisis has been spiraling out of control—and the COVID-19 pandemic just made matters worse. Even though billions of dollars are spent annually on substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, the patient numbers keep climbing—because of a misguided focus on episodic health emergencies rather than long-term care that’s proven to be much more effective and cost-efficient.

Clearly, it’s time for a radically new approach, and in Unhooked, healthcare experts Chris Powell and Dr. Jill Warrington deliver just that. Their new revolutionary holistic care strategy is built around a multipronged policy that:

  • removes the stigma of opioid addiction by treating it as a chronic illness, not human weakness
  • leverages data and analytics to provide more comprehensive individual care
  • removes common barriers to recovery
  • reduces the cost of care
  • creates equity for SUD and behavioral health management
  • identifies prevention strategies that can block disease progression.

Most importantly, Powell and Warrington outline a practical step-by-step strategy to inspire and implement change in your organization. If society is truly to become “unhooked,” this book provides a proven path to wellness that can get the job done.

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