Chris Prefontaine

Founder, Small Real Estate Coach

Chris Prefontaine has over 25 years of real estate experience, having owned a real estate franchise with over fifteen realtors in the 1990s and having built over a hundred single-family homes, including raise-the-roof projects and condo conversions, while also investing in commercial real estate. Presently, Chris and his wife, Kim, run a family-owned business with their son Nick, daughter Kayla, and son in-law Zach. They buy four to five homes monthly all on terms without using bank loans or cash, and have coaching programs and joint venture partnership programs teaching others how to do the same across the country. They are passionate about helping others reach their full potential in their given markets. Chris and his family live in Newport, RI.

Real Estate On Your Terms

Publication Date: May 2017

Your career is in real estate. Or maybe you’re looking to invest. That means you know the general consensus: The real estate market is unpredictable; therefore, your income has to be. You’re at the mercy of the economy and the bank. What if that’s not the truth? What if you had the tools, know-how, and experience from an industry veteran on how to succeed in this market without using your cash or credit?

Good news―all of this is achievable by creating a “money machine” rather than a per-deal operating system. And in Real Estate On Your Terms, Chris Prefontaine is sharing with you:

•hope from stories ― “If he did, I can!”
•how to buy two-plus homes monthly without using
your own cash or credit
•strategies for structured continuous cash flow and
wealth building

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