Dan Lieberman

President, Milestone Properties, Inc.

Dan Lieberman is an active real estate investor, writer, and consultant known for his innovative, streetwise approach to property management. Dan is a property turn-around expert, helping rental property owners increase their rental income while improving operations and reducing costs in any economic climate.

Dan has spent the past 3 decades acquiring, renovating, repositioning and managing rental properties from single family homes to large multifamily apartment buildings. Dan is president of Milestone Properties, a boutique firm specializing in renovating and increasing the value of apartment properties in the San Francisco East Bay. Dan Lieberman is the former president of the California Apartment Association. In addition, Mr. Lieberman has authored numerous articles on rental property renovation, marketing and management, and speaks regularly at industry conferences and educational events.

The Effective Landlord

Publication Date: November 2016

Discover how the innovative real estate strategies outlined in The Effective Landlord have created success and prosperity for many real estate investors. Dan Lieberman offers breakthrough strategies for those with large real estate holdings and those who want to create large holdings. They will help you differentiate your properties from the competition around you and achieve a higher level of success.

The Effective Landlord reveals ways most landlords fail and shows how to avoid making those same mistakes, utilizing a proven system to help rent units faster and for more money. It will change your understanding of value, sharpen your focus, and put you far ahead of your competition. If you wish to get higher rental rates and lower vacancies, you can begin to see improvements immediately by taking advantage of Dan Lieberman’s successes and learning from his mistakes.

The Effective Landlord will show you how to:
• Market your property to attract crowds of qualified prospects
• Keep good tenants happy and get rid of problem residents
• Screen out bad tenants
• Double your monthly cash flow
• Get residents to work with you to reach your real estate goals faster
• Find the hidden wealth in your property and generate disproportionate returns
• Profit in good and in bad real estate markets

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