Dave Ramos


Dave Ramos is an author, speaker, and CEO of SHIFTPOINTS, Inc.

Prior to founding SHIFTPOINTS, Dave applied his passion for alignment in a broad range of settings, including large global corporations, venture-backed start-ups, and innovative nonprofits.

He held executive positions with global leaders like Nortel Networks, where he was the Vice President of Global Marketing. At Nortel, Dave won the company’s highest award, The Chairman’s Award, for innovations in marketing.  At IBM, Dave won the company’s highest award, The Golden Circle, for innovations in sales.

He was employee #13 at AnswerLogic, a venture-backed software company, where he led sales, marketing, and business development. After AnswerLogic, Dave spent four years doing pro-bono consulting, volunteer work, and teaching. One of his consulting clients, McLean Bible Church (a 15,000 person megachurch) asked him to join the staff full time. Surprising everyone, Dave accepted the job. He spent three years as the Director of Adult Ministries and led the church through a strategic alignment initiative. Dave left the MBC staff to start The Dashboard Group, which changed its name to SHIFTPOINTS in January 2013.

Dave holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in accounting from Drexel University. Dave is a sought-after speaker, engaging audiences with his humorous yet challenging style. He has spoken at such institutions as Harvard Business School, Nyack College, Vistage, Convene Now, The CXO Forum, AOL, and many churches and ministries across the country.

Decide One Thing

Publication Date: July 2013

Organizations have to be good at lots of things, but the way to win is to become differentiatingly great at One Thing. The one thing every executive team must decide is, “What is your One Thing?”

Based on our experience, we know that the Decide One Thing concept will get four different responses.

Some organizations will categorically reject the idea that they need to become great at One Thing.

Some will think it is cool, but get distracted by the next cool idea or fad that comes along.

Some will embrace the concept for a time, but give up because implementing it is too hard.

A few executive teams will fully commit to the Decide One Thing. Align Everything. Win! model. These organizations will generate incredible results – 30, 60, or 100 times their investment.

So, which of the four responses will you have?

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