David L. Blain

Founder and CEO, BlueSky Wealth Advisors

David L. Blain, CFA is the founder, CEO, and senior wealth advisor at BlueSky Wealth Advisors―a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor. David is a recognized speaker on investments, financial planning, and taxes. David has written for and been quoted in numerous trade journals and mass media outlets including Money, BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and other national and local publications. Under his leadership, BlueSky has received several awards and accolades throughout its history for their quality of advice, growth rate, and client satisfaction. He graduated in 1989 with a bachelor of science degree from West Point and served with distinction for ten years in US Army Airborne, Ranger, and Special Operations Units. David lives in Trent Woods, North Carolina, with his wife and five children.

Invest In Your Life Not Just Your Portfolio

Publication Date: April 2019

In Invest in Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio: A Guide to Achieving Financial Independence, David Blain―founder and CEO of BlueSky Wealth Advisors―shares the revolutionary approach he now employs as a fee-only fiduciary advisor―an approach he developed to combat the out-of-control fees, conflicts of interest, and generally poor advice that plagues successful individuals and families across the country. You will be able to find a financial advisor who has your best interest at heart and can help you and your family plan for a lasting and fulfilling lifestyle.

If you see money as a vehicle to reach your goal (as opposed to the goal itself), aren’t looking to “beat the market,” and are ready to listen to a trusted professional, then this book is just for you. It’s time to invest in more than just your portfolio.

It’s time to invest in your life.

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