Debbie J. Johnston RN

President and CEO of Serenity First Hospice

Debbie Johnston has over twenty-five years of experience in healthcare as a registered nurse, entrepreneur,business owner, and company leader. Her newest business,Serenity First Hospice, is located in the heart of Richmond and was inspired by her personal hospice journey with her father, Pappy. Debbie’s driving passion to improve home health care has also led her to become a philanthropist,adoption advocate, speaker, and writer.

The Hospice Handbook

Publication Date: June 2022

Well-informed patients and families have better hospice care experiences. But most people don’t learn about hospice until they feel they have no other choice.Delaying that education means it’s often too late to take advantage of the many benefits hospice care can offer. With The Hospice Handbook, Nurse Debbie wants to change all that. By empowering patients, families, and other caregivers with the tools they need to navigate the complicated world of hospice care, she hopes to improve hospice patients’ quality of life dramatically.Employing her trademark love, compassion, and folksy humor, which comes from her own dear father, Pappy, who inspired her to open Serenity First HospiceCare in Richmond, VirginIa, Nurse Debbie provides invaluable advice and crucial facts about the many facets of hospice, including interviews with vital members of the hospice care team. Through this thoughtful guide, Nurse Debbie hopes you’ll discover that the challenging road you’re walking can not only be faced with confidence and comfort but also filled with many meaningful opportunities to celebrate life and love to the very end.

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