Don Clark

Managing Principal, Personal Finance Group

Personal Independence Planning

Publication Date: December 2017

In Personal Independence Planning: Financial Tips to Pursue a Secure Retirement, Don Clark, CFP®, MBA, walks you through the critical steps in planning a fulfilling retirement, starting with building a trusting relationship with your financial advisor. The process might seem quite complicated initially, but by sharing his expertise and experience, Don will help you:

•Learn the power of relationships
•Determine where you are going
•Count the risks
•Tally the tasks
•Discover how to make your income last

By developing strategies built on common sense, Don is able to guide you at every fork in the road when crafting your fool-proof financial independence plan.

If you’re tired of crunching numbers in hopes that you can finally retire, then this book is your solution. Don offers you once-in-a-lifetime tips for pursuing your secure retirement―and freedom.

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