Dr. Charles Lindsey

Orthodontist, Founder of Lindsey Orthodontics

Charles Lindsey, DMD, is the top provider of Invisalign clear aligner therapy in and around Griffin and Locust Grove, Georgia. He is a lifelong learner, continually updating his orthodontic knowledge and upgrading his practices to the latest advances in treatment. Dr. Lindsey also gives back to his communities through youth scholarships, free dental care for select individuals, and a love of aviation that he shares with youth and patients.

Imagine Your Best Smile

Publication Date: October 2019

A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. It is really your best asset. By obtaining your best smile you can actually:

  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Help you get into a better school•
  • Help you get a better job•
  • Make you more attractive to others•
  • Improve your health and even save your life

And who better than to help you have the smile you imagine than an orthodontist who has actually been in your shoes? Charles Lindsey, DMD, has been through many of the same treatments that he performs on patients. In fact, his life was so transformed by orthodontics that he decided to make a career of helping others have their best smile: a life-changing smile. In Imagine Your Best Smile: How Orthodontics Can Change-and Even Save-Your Life, Dr. Lindsey talks about the impact of your teeth on your life and health; the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment, and retention; and how orthodontics has evolved to be a far more comfortable, esthetic, and in many cases, faster treatment.

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