Dr. Dan Laizure

Founder and CEO, Walla Walla Dental Care

Saving My Library

Publication Date: November 2018

You shouldn’t have to go through a life-altering experience before your eyes are open to the world around you. Day-to-day life expands outside of your profession―what more can you do to better not only your life, but the lives of those around you?

Dr. Dan Laizure compiles his life experience as a leader in Saving My Library: Nine Life Lessons Preserved from the Fires of Time. This book will teach you important life lessons, no matter your age, including:

• promoting self-esteem in others
• understanding the value of interdependence,
• the importance and significance of generosity, and
• how every day is a day to be lived to the fullest.

Life is short, so why wait until you start noticing the world slip past your fingers to do something about it? Take charge of your life to make the lives of those around you better. Be productive and find joy―share experience with others so that others can learn through the journey. It’s never too late to find purpose every single day.

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