Dr. Kristine West


Dr. Kristine West is a mom, partner, friend, ballroom dancer, and orthodontist who has helped her patients achieve their best outer smiles for over thirty years. Dr. West graduated first in her DDS class at Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago and received her MS in orthodontics from the University of Michigan. Dr. West is a part-time educator at the University of Michigan. When she is not working or teaching, Dr. West can be found spending time with her family at their home in Michigan or twirling around the world of competitive ballroom dancing.

Find Your Smile

Publication Date: May 2021


As an orthodontist, Dr. Kristine West has helped create thousands of beautiful, confident smiles. Along the way, she noticed that sometimes her patients’ outer smile belied their inner smile, and found this to be especially true for women―including herself.

After spending her entire career helping her patients find confidence in both their inner and outer smiles, Dr. West realized it was time to make major shifts in her life to reignite her own inner smile and find her joy.

Find Your Smile is the culmination of the work she has done to address challenges in her life and redefine who she is as a mom, as an orthodontist, as a professional, as a friend, as a wife, and also as an ex-wife.

Dr. West tells her story of reclaiming her voice, finding her joy, and reviving her inner smile in the hope that her journey will inspire you to pursue your own path of introspection, healing, and self-discovery.

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