Dr. Rick Mars

Dr. Rick Mars

Serving the South Florida area for over 30 years, Dr. Rick Mars was voted one of America’s Top Dentists for Invisalign, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry by Consumers’ Research Council of America. He has received accolades from the Governor of Florida, the Mayor of the City of North Miami Beach and the Mayor and City Council of Aventura to name a few.

A modern dentistry and Invisalign expert, Dr. Rick Mars goes above and beyond treating mouths, he treats people. Dr. Mars explains, “Patients come first in our office, and I never forget one of the first lessons that I learned in dentistry: behind every smile is a person and thus, we treat people and not just mouths.”

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree at Emory University, Dr. Rick Mars received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Georgetown University School of Dentistry. His experience in both family and cosmetic dentistry, in addition to be being an Invisalign Platinum Plus Provider, has positioned him to be at the top of the modern dentistry field.

The Big Smile

Publication Date: January 2020


There has always been a metaphorical curtain that prevents patients and doctors from communicating with each other effectively. What is it that dentists need to understand to put patients first? And what should patients know when looking for a dentist who satisfies their needs?

Though the technology and techniques are constantly changing and evolving in the field of dentistry, one value should remain constant in any dental practice: treating patients right. Dr. Rick Mars wrote The Big Smile: The Principles of Modern Dentistry―For Dentists and Patients to remind dentists how blessed they are to serve in the profession―and also to help patients build strong relationships with their dentists.

Dr. Mars’s mission is to bridge the gap separating dentists and patients―to peel away that metaphorical curtain and show that dentistry is about more than giving patients healthy and beautiful smiles―it’s about changing and transforming lives.

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