Dr. Ryan P. Robinson DDS


When Dr. Robinson graduated from dental school, he couldn’t wait to get back to the community in which he grew up. He was looking forward to helping people achieve their perfect smile. Little did he know that a few years later, his background in dentistry would give him the opportunity to look beyond the teeth to something that could change his patient’s overall health…..the AIRWAY!

Dr. Robinson is Delaware’s first and only doctor triple board certified in Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. After many years of treating the airway in his general dental practice, Dr Robinson decided to open up a specialty practice to address the needs of the community. This new practice called The Pain and Sleep Therapy Center of Delaware Valley focuses on finding the origin of the problem as opposed to treating with medications and “band-aid” fixes that have become so routine in today’s medical system.

Dr. Robinson has taken over 1000 hours of continuing education courses in Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Breathing Disorders and has been personally mentored by the world’s leading airway clinicians. Dr. Robinson works with patients of all ages. He states, “It is extremely rewarding to help an adult enhance their quality of life by finding and treating the source of their issues.  What’s even more powerful is treating children and having the opportunity to CURE their problems.” He goes on to say “Children are the most fun because with just a little intervention and therapy we can help the child grow and develop properly, saving them a lifetime of issues that otherwise would not have been identified. We focus on identifying these issues at a young age so we don’t ever have to treat them as an adult”

Outside of the office, Dr. Robinson loves spending time with his wife Renee, his son Bryce, his daughter Reese and their dog Marley. He also enjoys traveling, playing golf and giving back to the community through volunteering his time and service, especially with Alfred I. duPont/Nemours Hospital for children in their blood cancer research department.

  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • American Academy of Facial Esthetics
  • American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry.
  • International Association of Orofacial Myology
  • International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP)
  • American Laser Study Club
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Academy of Osseointegration
  • Delaware State Dental Society
  • Brandywine Valley Study Club
  • Delaware’s “Give Kids a Smile” program
  • Maryland’s “Access to Care” program
  • Operation Smile
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Delaware

The Root Cause

Publication Date: June 2021


Everyone must breathe to live, and how well you do it will make or break your health. Not sure how you measure up? Noisy breathing, facial pain, and fatigue are just a few of the signs you’re not getting the air you need.

Airway dysfunction, like improper breathing, can cause partial suffocation twenty-four hours a day among people of all ages. And it’s robbing millions of the healing sleep their bodies need to fight physical and emotional ills like high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression.

In The Root Cause, Dr. Ryan Robinson shows how opening your airway can dramatically improve your breathing and help reverse chronic illness. This book describes Dr. Robinson’s cutting-edge approach and how he started acquiring his expertise after searching for a better way to treat his son’s life-threatening asthma.

Now you, too, can learn how breathing better can turn surviving into thriving and sickness into health!

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