Frank Dalene

Founder, President and CEO of Telemark, Inc

Frank Dalene is the President and CEO of Telemark, Inc., Founder of Hamptons Green Alliance, Chair of US Green Building Council Long Island Chapter, past Chair of the Town of East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee, Developer of ICEMAN® and Founder of Carbon Factor, Inc. Frank is an international speaker on net-zero, carbon-neutral, sustainable, and resilient buildings. He led the completion of the Hamptons Green Alliance House, the first building in the world to be certified carbon neutral in the construction phase.

Decarbonize the World

Publication Date: October 26, 2021

Sometimes, a simple idea can change the world.

Imagine a mechanism that harnesses the positive market forces of competitive advantage to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Imagine an attribute that accurately indicates a product’s carbon footprint so simply that a consumer can understand it at a glance.

Imagine the competitive advantage products with low carbon footprints would have as consumers choose to purchase products that are better for the environment.

Well, it’s time to stop imagining. A mechanism is here that can accomplish all of this.

In Decarbonize the World, Frank Dalene will introduce you to ICEMAN®— International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed to Neutrality—an innovative climate change solution which applies established sciences and protocols to calculate and communicate a product’s carbon footprint.

We all live on the same planet. We all breathe the same air. If we want to preserve this planet, this air, the time to act is now. And if we work together, we can, quite literally, save the world.

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