G. David Biddle

Founder, Biddle Capital Management

Managing Retirement Plans to Meet Today's Challenges

Publication Date: October 2016

Every employee has a compelling need to save money for a productive and fulfilling retirement. And your responsibility as a retirement plan sponsor or administer is to fill that need in a compliant way. In today’s litigious world, it’s more important than ever that you ensure your plan is compliant. Author David Biddle knows what it takes to properly build and monitor a retirement plan, and in Managing Retirement Plans to Meet Today’s Challenges, he reveals strategies and guidance so you can do the same.

You’ll learn to:
* define and achieve goals for your plan
* determine if your plan is in compliance
* identify hidden plan fees
* evaluate the quality of your plan
* develop a quality governance system

Implementing a proper retirement plan will legally protect you and give your employees the opportunity for a secure and satisfying future.

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