Harry Pappas, Jr.

President and CEO - The Pappas Media and Consulting Group

Harry Pappas, Jr., CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner for a major bank; he has been a financial advisor since 1985. Harry authored The Better Way; A Better Life: A Life Changing Journey for CPAs and Financial Advisors, and is President and CEO of The Pappas Media and Consulting Group. He has developed relationships with teams of CPAs, attorneys and business solution providers to bring the most innovative and integrated financial strategies to clients. His unique understanding of the accounting profession has positioned him as an expert and thought leader in the filed. Harry is actively reinventing the way CPAs serve their affluent business owners and high net worth families.

The Better Way; A Better Life

Publication Date: May 2014

Harry Pappas, Jr.’s The Better Way; A Better Life: A Life Changing Journey for CPAs and Financial Advisors is both life changing and a page-turner. With striking simplicity and penetrating wisdom, Harry Pappas Jr., a prominent financial advisor, speaker, and industry thought leader reveals his secrets to solve a distinct, immediate and ongoing challenge facing the accounting industry: what it takes to become an accounting firm of the future. There is an enormous opportunity for ambitious CPAs and financial advisors to excel in this new environment. Pappas introduces The Better Way–a truly unique business strategy that is revolutionary, yet simple. If you are not part of this type of collaborative arrangement, there is an strong chance that you will be competing against one in the near future. When implemented correctly, this innovative system…

1. Empowers CPAs to become irreplaceable to their most important clients.
2. Increases CPAs revenues and overall value beyond tax season.
3. Provides CPAs with turnkey strategies for client acquisition and retention.
4. Allows CPAs to do more, by working less.
5. Saves CPAs time and money.

Pappas invites readers to question whether now might be the time to change, given the structural transformation taking place in the accounting profession. The Better Way is a radical new model for personal and professional transformation that will change the way CPAs interact with financial advisors. The Better Way is the real deal. Find out for yourself.

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